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Mental Health/Support Groups

  • Austill, Bryan, MA, PhD

    Dr. Bryan Austill has practiced counseling full time since 1986 and has had a private practice in Breckenridge since 1997. He works primarily with adults with half his practice couples therapy and half individuals. He specializes with extra training and credentials in mood disorders, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma, end-of-life, chronic illness, integration of spirituality and psychology and premarital counseling. He has worked in highly multicultural settings: Native American reservations, Pacific Islands, Hispanic communities. He has seminary training as well, is United Methodist clergy, and is the Chairperson of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors for a multi-state region (credentialed both in Psychology and Theology). He respects the spiritual journey and traditions of each person who comes to him and does not force his perspectives on anyone. He is willing to coordinate his psychotherapy work with your physician or clergy person in order to treat the whole person. He has training and experience in adoptions, foster care, child protective services, and work with adolescent offenders in institutional and court settings. At this time he limits his work with children to older teens addressing issues of relationships, mood disorders, and the process of becoming independent from parents/caregivers.  

  • Caregiver/Memory Loss Support Group

    This group meets monthly to provide resources, information and support to assist Caregivers and those who are friends or family members of someone experiencing memory loss.

  • Mind Springs Health: Summit Center

    If you, a loved one or patient is experiencing emotional, behavioral, mental or substance abuse issues Mind Springs Health can help. One in every five people face crises of this sort sometime during lifetime. You are not alone. Whatever your circumstances, it’s important to know that treatment works, help is available and there are solutions and recovery.

    Mind Springs Health offers a comprehensive range of services: Individual, Couples, Family & Group Programs for Addictions and Substance Abuse, Stress and Anxiety, Relationships and Parenting, Depression, Serious and Persistent Mental Illness, Crisis Management, Post-Partum and Post-Traumatic Stress, Dual Diagnosis or Other Concerns. They also host a toll-free 24 hour crisis line available to anyone who is in crisis or just needs to talk.