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The Health Information Exchange (HIE) helps doctors, hospitals and other health care providers connect their computer-based patient record systems to a protected statewide network. The network is used to securely share information for patient care and this is called health information exchange. Being connected to a health information exchange network allows health care professionals to access up-to-date patient information, which helps them provide you with better quality care. Additionally, the information is shared in a more protected way than paper-based files, faxes and mail.

What is Health Information Exchange?

FAQ’s For Patients

Click on this link to find a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), which include many related to privacy and security of electronic health records (EHRs) and health information exchange (HIE).

FAQ's for Patients

Your Choices

The health information exchange offers many benefits to patients, but your participation is voluntary - you get to choose whether you want your information included.

If your health care providers are participating in the CORHIO health information exchange, they are required to notify you of their participation. When you visit a participating provider you will receive a notice, which may accompany the provider's HIPAA privacy notification.

You Decide

If you visit a doctor's office, hospital or clinic that is participating in the HIE and do not want your health information included, simply tell the doctor or other health care provider and sign an "opt out" form. We encourage you to first talk to your doctor about this decision or to review our FAQs about health information exchange.

By opting out of the CORHIO health information exchange, emergency room doctors and other medical professionals may not have access to your complete medical information which could save your life in some situations.

Your Choices for Patients


How Does CORHIO Protect Patient Health Information? Personal health information in the CORHIO health information exchange that or community is participating in, is protected by state-of-the-art systems employing many security measures, including administrative, physical and technical safeguards. All systems, including provider EHRs and CORHIO's network, must comply with the security provisions of HIPAA and the HITECH Act. For added assurance, the CORHIO system is subjected to regular third-party security audits. Please visit our FAQs page for detailed information on this topic.

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